Why I am building Tabwave again

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How it started

It was around December 2021. It had been just a few months since I started coding. I got to know about the Christmas hackathon organized by Hashnode. Without having any idea of how those work, I decided to participate.

In those two weeks, I started building Tabwave as a fun side project. An all-in-one productivity app.

How it's going

Fast forward to close to 2 years, Tabwave has 1000+ installs on the Chrome web store. Over the past year, I have been trying to improve Tabwave on the side by building new features on top of it. A lot has changed since then. I learned a lot of stuff and built a few more side projects but Tabwave is still my favorite one.


Why do I want to build Tabwave so badly?

I love productivity apps. Over the past year, I have been collecting feedback from users and researching productivity app apps. I have tried like 100+ apps in the past 6 months. But still, I haven't found the one that crosses all the ticks yet. That's one of the reasons why I am building Tabwave. I had so many ideas around Tabwave. I built some and dumped a few. My vision of Tabwave has changed a lot and it's a lot more clear now.

So what now?

The core idea of Tabwave will be the same. But I will be building it from scratch once again. I want to focus on the app part more and the extension part less. This is the lesson I learned when chrome introduced the manifest V3 earlier this year and I had to rewrite the whole chrome extension because of it.

Also, this time around I will focus more on feedback loops and marketing. I will write more articles and create content around productivity to reach a broader audience. And thanks to headless hashnode this blog is the first step toward that.