Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tabwave?

Tabwave is an all-in-one mindful productive app to replace your browser's new tab. Get more done with to-do lists, add sticky notes, block distractions, and boost your productivity with a Pomodoro clock.

Is Tabwave free?

Yes! Tabwave is completely free to use.

Why use Tabwave?

Say no to boring new tabs. You can customize your new tab to a mindful productive app. If you are a student, teacher, developer, working professional, or someone who uses a browser in their day-to-day life, Tabwave is for you.

Where does Tabwave stores my data?

Currently, Tabwave does not require users to signup or log in. So everything is stored in your browser's local storage itself.

I love Tabwave and I have some feedback or suggestions

We want to make Tabwave better and your feedback will help us get there. So if you have any suggestions or feature requests, you can fill this form. Or you can reach out to me on Twitter